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The overall appearance is not only affected by clothing and hairstyle but also by nails which might tell if and how you care for yourself. A hand is often one of the first things to notice when meeting somebody. What is more, nails get important when you are in frequent personal contact with another people.

Beautiful nails even raise your self-confidence which makes you feel happier throughout the day. Longer nails make your fingers look longer.

In our salon, we make your nails naturally beautiful. We believe that every woman deserves beautiful nails. Strengthened or lengthened nails do not cost a fortune and we offer professional services in the field of manicure.

Advantages of manicure made in a salon:


  • you are treated by professionals
  • we get all needed material
  • the end of home care
  • according to the methods we use, artificial nails last long
  • we are able to make your dreams of nail art happen
  • the modelling material lasts longer than an usual nail polish on a natural nail
  • the length of your nails is freely variable
  • artificial nails are likely to decorate
  • nails are still neat and hands feel elegant
  • nails are firm and tough
  • the look feels natural
  • the finish hides uneven and deformed parts of your nail
  • nails are supplemented each three to four weeks


The magic of this cosmetic method is hidden in long-lasting effect and easily kept shine of a nail. The application is easy, natural, and effective. The material consists of beeswax, royal jelly, silicon soil, fine paraffin, glycerine, bentonite, panthenol, vitamins A, E, H, and provitamin B5.

P-Shine manicure makes nails firm, more flexible, and helps the metabolism of a nail root and a nail bed. It also works as a prevention from breaking and fraying of a nail. We recommend it as the most effective method of curing weakened natural nails after the modelling material was removed.

P-Shine is great for women whose nails tend to fray, break, and grow incorrectly. But watch out! P-Shine is not suitable for thin or destroyed nails.

P-Shine makes a glaze on a nail which has not only aesthetic effect but it also stops the nail from drying out by stopping natural lipids from washing away. Only now, the nail root is able to produce healthy keratinocytes so that the overall condition of the nail gets better.


Price list

Gel nails

New nails  850 CZK

New nails + French manicure   900 CZK

Gel cover for natural nails  650 CZK

Colourful gel cover for natural nails  750 CZK



If you want your eyes to be surrounded by long and beautiful eyelashes, have them professionally lengthened. 

We offer professional care of your eyelashes. Nowadays, permanently lengthened eyelashes are becoming a hit. 


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